Frquently Asked Questions


We have hired sales consultants before and didn't see an improvement. Why should we hire you?

Where was your bottleneck? Every process has a constraint, sales is no exception. You can make one change after another, but if you don't address the bottleneck you won't see improvement. We start with identifying your constraint.


Why do you focus so heavily on profit?

Profit is the fuel that fuels growth. Revenue may pay the bills, but it takes profit to make your company what you want it to be. We have not come across many companies that do not want to grow, so we focus on profit.


What's with the STEM thing?

If you have been in sales long, you have come across a sales consultants who speak in feel good platitudes that are easy to understand, but when all is said and done, didn't help at all. STEM Sales utilizes the latest in learning to teach principles and executable steps our clients can make. The solution is out there and it is based in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.